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I teach you how to go Plant-Based
Latin-style, so you can improve your health and feel your best.

I Teach You How To Go Plant-Based Latin-Style, So You Can Improve Your Health And Feel Your Best.

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More About Karla

Hi, I’m Karla! A wife, mom, and Holistic Health Coach. My experience with pregnancy opened my eyes to the importance of nutrition. After gaining 82 pounds while carrying my daughter, I began to explore new avenues to better nourish myself and my family. Having grown up in Miami as a Puerto Rican food lover, I started to “flip” recipes. By replacing the unhealthy aspects with whole foods and higher-quality ingredients, the results were healthier body weight and a happier outlook on life. 


More About Karla

I’m Karla, a wife, mom, and Holistic Health Coach. After gaining 82 pounds when I was pregnant with my daughter, I learned the importance of nutrition. On this new path, I began to explore how to better nourish myself and my family. As a Puerto Rican woman born and raised in Miami (now living in Brooklyn), I began to “flip” recipes. By using whole, plant-based foods and higher-quality ingredients instead of unhealthy ones, I gained a healthier body weight and happier outlook on life.

Here's How I Can Help:

Recipes & Wellness Tips

Each week, I share a new post with delicious, plant-based recipes. These recipes include nutritious, whole ingredients with the taste of homemade comfort food. You’ll also find tips and strategies that make adopting a plant-based lifestyle a seamless and enjoyable journey toward improved health and well-being.

Work With Me

Ready to “flip” your relationship with food? I’ll help you break free from diets and learn how to incorporate all kinds of food into your life without guilt, fear, or shame. Learn how to fully trust your body to lead when it comes to eating, exercise and life!

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