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Certified Health Coach,
Author And Speaker

Feel your best and transform your health through a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle.

As Featured On

As Featured On

1:1 Nutritional Coaching

Let’s work together on an individualized plan that works for you. Through positive, practical approaches, you will succeed in changing your health through a whole-food plant-based diet without sacrificing the cultural flavors you love. 

I have expertise in the following and am certified in Type 2 Diabetes prevention.

  • plant-based nutrition
  • peri/menopause issues
  • blood sugar stabilization,cholesterol
  • disease prevention/management
  • culturally-sensitive meals
  • weight management
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Events, Panels and TV Spots

As a nutrition educator and health coach, I love sharing cutting-edge, scientifically-backed information on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle in person and on TV. You might’ve seen my cooking demos on NBC or seen me on the Emmy-nominated series “Somos lo Que Comemos” (You Are What You Eat), or at one of my speaking panels worldwide.


Plant-Based Health Academy

Choose from classes and ebooks that support your plant-based journey. All the resources here have been tailor-made based on real, honest feedback from my Instagram community. Tried, true and tested for you, wherever you’re at today.

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What My Clients Are Saying

“Since going plant-based, I feel more mental clarity and definitely feel lighter”

Carmen Gonzalez

“I can just reflect back with gratitude now at how much I learned through you and changing habits and just being aware of what I eat and how my body reacts. I know I will continue to learn and try new things so I just had to come back and follow again.”

Priscilla Brito

“Since going plant-based, I’m happy to share that I got a full 8 hours of sleep last night which hasn’t happened to me in years! Woke up refreshed and now starting my workday!“

Zoila Leotta

Voted 15 Best Vegetarian Cookbooks of 2023 by the Food Network

Abuela’s Plant-Based Kitchen

Out now! Begin your plant-based journey with over 75 easy-to-make recipes inspired by my family favorites from the Caribbean and other multicultural dishes. Vegan takes on Pastelón de Platano Maduro, Cuban-style Picadillo, Flan and more will bring everyone to the table.