Since 2014

I’m Karla, a wife, mom, and Holistic Health Coach. After gaining 82 pounds when I was pregnant with my daughter, I learned the importance of nutrition. On this new path, I began to explore how to better nourish myself and my family. As a Puerto Rican woman born and raised in Miami (now living in Brooklyn), I began to “flip” recipes.  By using whole foods and higher-quality, delicious ingredients instead of unhealthy ones, I gained a healthier body weight and happier outlook on life.

Today, I’ve overcome the fear, anxiety and confusion around eating, and I’m committed to helping “flip” your relationship with food. 

My weekly blog helps you on this journey. I love sharing my expertise as a Holistic Health Coach to help other moms and families mend their unhealthy relationship with food and learn to implement healthier family-friendly alternatives. I offer one-on-one coaching sessions and host workshops in NYC, Miami and Puerto Rico. 

One blog post’s viral success led me to launch Flipbox, an organic, gluten-free, dye-free and healthier version of a cake-in-a-box. Each kit includes an apron, mini spatula and the dry ingredients to create a cake and frosting. The kit allows parents to focus less on shopping and more on spending quality time with their kids and enjoying healthy foods together.

When I’m not flipping recipes or coaching clients, I co-lead B•Well Collective, a female collective dedicated to curating experiences that support and empower women. I believe in the importance and power of community. The relationships you choose to have in your life have a direct impact on your health, goals, and overall happiness. Surrounding yourself with people that fill you up and help you thrive is key to reaching our goals.

Learn how you can flip your recipes and health!

“I worked with Karla for over 6 months. Initially, I wanted to work with her because I wanted to lose weight, but I soon learned that there is so much more to health than weight loss. Karla helped me reframe my thinking, teaching me to heal my body with food, and learning to accept my body as it is. Karla also taught me about the way certain foods interact with you and why you should eat more of certain foods, but never limiting you in what you can/can't eat and never starving yourself if you have a craving for something. Most importantly, Karla helped me with my anxiety around food. I used to label foods as good and bad and get very anxious if there was bad food around. Karla helped me work through my anxiety, coaching me to ask myself whether I really wanted to eat the food or not. Now I know how to navigate situations where I would normally feel anxious and do not feel that anxiety any more. Karla is caring, motivating and very passionate about her clients and her work. I would recommend Karla to anyone who wants to learn about how to maximize your health with food and all-around wellness. ”

- Jessica Morlete